The Alleghany Highlands Victim/Witness Assistance Program (AHVWAP) Is designed to advocate for victim’s legislated rights according to the Crime Victim’s and Witness Rights Act (Code of Virginia §19.2-11.01). To name only a few of these rights: protection from threats and harm arising from prosecution efforts; defendant/inmate status updates; separate waiting area during court proceedings; when practical, advanced notice and right to watch all judicial proceedings relating to their case; courtroom assistance which includes protection of victim’s confidentiality, explanation of procedures, closed preliminary hearings for juvenile victims of certain cases, and the right to enter a Victim Impact Statement in most felony cases; awareness of emergency shelter; referrals to other victims services; available  community financial resources; right to file for criminal restitution; right to file claim with the Virginia Victims’ Fund for monetary compensation; and more.



The primary mission for the AHVWAP is to provide direct services defined as those efforts that respond to the physical and emotional needs of victims of crime; assist to stabilize their lives after victimization; assist them to understand and participate in the criminal justice system; and to provide them with information and referrals for services throughout. 

Specifically, the staff of the AHVWAP are here to provide direct services to victims by assisting them in knowing their rights and options;  awareness of all emergency service providers; assist in the court protective order process; crisis intervention; referrals to other victim service providers including for confidential and protected housing; referrals for counselling; aid in completing of various forms; both pre-trial and post-trial notifications; offer emotional support and more.

If you have been the victim of a crime please call the Alleghany Highlands Victim/Witness Assistance Program at 540.965.6366 to inquire on which services are available to you. 

Criminal offenses include...

but are certainly not limited to: homicide; physical threat; assault; acts of domestic violence; sexual assault; stalking; child or elder abuse; arson; identity theft; larceny; and destruction of property.

Victim/Witness Assistance Program

is excited to announce further expansions of both a third county and a fourth staff member. On July 1, 2016 this program acquired the funding to provide full victim services to the residents of Bath County, Virginia. Then on July 1, 2018 they acquired an award of additional funding to provide victim services to the residents of Highland County, Virginia. This expansion into Highland County has been in the process for some time now, and makes this program the only regional Victim/Witness Assistance Program in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The AHVWAP now serves Alleghany, Bath and Highland counties, which includes the City of Covington and Towns of Clifton Forge and Iron Gate. The main office for this program is located in the basement of the Alleghany County Courthouse, and have a satellite office in Bath County. This program is funded by an ongoing grant through the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services, is administered by the County of Alleghany, and is managed through the Alleghany County Commonwealths’ Attorney’s Office. This staff works closely with all court officials, law enforcement and community agencies with identified victims. This program can also assist witnesses of crime.


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